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Escort Bern Adra Joy - Luxury Independent Escort Bern and Berner Oberland

Escort Bern: romantic in Bern and Berner Oberland: Interlaken, Thun, Gstaad, Grindelwald, etc. Exciting adventure in the heart of the country!

Bern Escort Bern, the capital city of Switzerland, is said to be the heart of the country, since it is situated in the middle of Switzerland and perfectly connected with all other Swiss cities. It is diplomatic and political center of the country as well as the cultural highlight in a real sense. Besides the natural scenic beauty of the place, its ancient streets with covered arcades are very romantic and add to the glory of the city. Some of the “covered” streets are really very long and they are the longest shopping, business and recreating areas in the world (sequence of shops, bars, restaurants, business offices, etc.) which are covered. In addition to that, the rich cultures and arts have given other dimensions to this place. You will never feel boring in Bern, but if you want your free-time to be spicier, consider sharing it with me, Adra Joy Luxury Independent Escort in Switzerland. I will be happy to be your sophisticated companion in Bern and in the whole region of Bern, Berner Oberland: Interlaken, Thun, Gstaad, Grindelwald, etc.

Adra - charming and sensual escort Bern

Independent Escort Bern I am interested in the romantic and sensual time in Bern with a polite, elegant and distinguished man. Mutual respect and discretion are always expected and will be generously rewarded.

Some Facts

Our First Date with a private time in Bern

My donation for our first date should cover a range of time spent in public and private. Let us "break the ice" in any public place prior to the privacy.
In Region Bern the minimum of 2,5 hours (1000 CHF) is required and it includes 1,5 - 2 hours Private Time and 1/2 - 1 hour Time in Public along with my travel expenses. Contact me please if the Time in Public (bar, lounge, etc) is an issue. I can always find a nice solution in frames of absolute discretion. P.S.: No travel costs in Bern from 3 and more hours.
Alternatively you can meet me as Escort Zurich without any travel expenses.

Escort Bern Introduction

Dear Gentleman

Have you ever fantasized of being in Bern with a beautiful, independent escort who not only seduce you but also make you feel like an emperor or a king? You can really become a king for a while if you have a beautiful queen close to you. Now you can really turn your fantasies into reality by inviting an outstanding woman, who is versed to be a first lady in public and the exciting erotic queen in the bedroom. Dreaming to be your sensual and seductive queen, I always remain a very open, quite simple, communicative and pleasant personality, just like your real girlfriend to admire in every point of time.

You can get closer to me (and our togetherness!) by visiting my bilingual escort site, which is written in English and German.

You may also come up with some details right here, before proceeding any further.

As an independent high-class escort in Bern, I will be delighted to go out with you or you can invite me wherever you want. I am said to be exceptionally gorgeous lady with attractive brown eyes and sexy body curves. I am also used to be described as an open-minded and well educated person, which is well trained to entertain and give you the pleasures that are yet to be discovered in your life. My untamed beauty, intelligence and sensuous aristocratic behavior will surely incite the fire of passion inside you and take you to the pick of satisfaction.

I am impressive and friendly by nature and happy to give my company, love, competence and seduction at a place of your choice in Bern and its vicinity. I am a part-time escort in Bern and not available daily. So please contact me in advance to secure a day and a time you desire.

At all times, I completely keep up the confidentiality and discretion of my friends and play only in a safe way. Contact Me.

Donation for my Time and Escort in Bern is presented below:
(Travel expenses are included)

Private Time (Hotel Room, Apartment)

Time in Public (NO EROTIC)

  • You may combine Public with Private time for Dinner, Events, etc.
  • No erotic. Time for public events outside of your hotel room or apartment:
  • My donation should be discreetly placed in front of me in a gift bag, a post card or an open envelop within the first 15 minutes of our meeting. All rates are non-negotiable. I expect my donation to be in cash only, preferably in Swiss Francs. Along with Swiss Francs I also accept EURO according to the daily exchange rate: Currency Converter

    Please visit my Gallery to get a first visual impression. All pictures presented on my webpage are recent and genuine. My Gallery

    I provide qualitative social and private escort meetings in Bern. I prefer a small amount of arrangements, looking for quality and mutual satisfaction. Donation (Other Regions)

    It will be my pleasure to hear from you and get in touch whenever you are looking for an exciting escort in Bern in terms of respect, discretion, honesty and reliability. Contact

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